Flame Photometer

Flame Photometer


Flame Photometer is a simple quantitative analytical test based on the flame analysis. It is based on principle of measurement of the emitted light intensity of a metal due to the thermal energy provided by the flame source. The wavelength and the colour of the flame gives details about the element present in the sample, whereas the wavelength of emitted light is specific for specific elements. By direct absorption techniques, the absorbance of light due to the electrons excitation can be measured while the emitting radiation intensity is measured using the emission techniques.

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Series : 500
Weight (Net/Gross) : 35 kgAC220V ± 22V, frequency 5O Hz ± 1 Hz, with good grounding
Flame Photometer BLFP-501

Flame Photometer BLFP-501

  • Weight (Net/Gross): 35 kg
  • Measurement Range: K: 0~10 mmo|/L Na :0~200 mmo|/L
  • Repetitiveness: (GV%):K:1.5%(5mmo|/L or 50mmo|/L) Na :1.0%(140 mmol /L)
  • Linearity Error: K:2% Na:2%: within 8s
  • Solution Consumption: 4 ml /min extinguishing tester.automatic disconnection gas function
Flame Photometer BLFP-502

Flame Photometer BLFP-502

  • Power Supply: AC220V ± 22V, frequency 5O Hz ± 1 Hz, with good grounding
  • Range: K:0~999.9, Na:0~999.9, Li:0~999.9
  • Sensitivity: K:0.2μg/mL, Na:0.2μg/mL
  • Linearity: K:0.2μg/mL, Na:0.7μg/mL
  • Drift: Less than 3% within 15s